Advanced Rider Course / NOT a get your license course.

The ARC as it's called is a one day 8 hour advanced riding course intended for riders who have over 2500 miles of riding experience and already are licensed. You must use your OWN MOTORCYCLE for this course. This is NOT a " get your license course"!!!


This course was initially designed for sport bike riders but the techniques presented in this class can extremely benefit all riders. Although some techniques do pertain to higher speed riding they are NOT intended to promote higher speeds, but give you the benefit of better control, sharpening your skills and making you a safer rider.


Morning time will consist of roughly 3 hours of classroom pertaining to skill assessment, risk management and riding strategies. Power point presentations and student participation are the keys to making this portion fun and informative.


Late morning and afternoon portions will be range time and getting to know your motorcycle better than ever before. An inspection (TLOCS) will be performed to ensure a safe environment for all riders. Exercises start with basic control, moving on to quick stops from higher speeds and adding in an evade procedure. Curve adjustments, cornering and swerving, multiple curves, decreasing radius curves and gap analysis will round out the day.



Student Information


1. You MUST be licensed prior to the course and have at least 2500 miles of riding experience.

2. You will be using your OWN motorcycle. You must provide proof of CURRENT insurance and registration. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. A safety inspection will be conducted before the course. Any defects or safety concerns that could affect the safety of all must be remedied to continue with the course. Please make sure you have enough fuel, gas stations are readily available near the range.

4. You must provide all the required safety gear to participate. DOT approved helmet, eye protection, FULL fingered gloves, long sturdy non-flare pants, long sleeve sturdy jacket and sturdy over the ankle boots ( less than 1" heel ). NO EXCEPTIONS!!

5. Coffee and water will be provided, feel free to bring any snacks you wish to have during breaks.

6. The course must be run on DRY pavement. Range exercises WILL NOT be done if the asphalt is wet!!! PLEASE CHECK THE RAIN DATE LISTED FOR THE COURSE BEFORE SIGNING UP. Make sure you are available on both dates. We will do our best to contact you in advance via the contact information you provide on the application if cancelation is necessary.



Student Fee: $125.00 per rider ( NO PASSENGERS are allowed in the course )


Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to Rider Course graduates (BRC and ARC). Discounts can range from 5% to as much as 20%! Check with your insurance agent. Most importantly it will make you a safer rider, a smarter rider and a LIFE long rider.

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