Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2) / Get you license course.

Basic Rider Course 2 is a bring your OWN MOTORCYCLE course and is for riders who already have basic skills in riding a motorcycle and need a motorcycle license or those who just want to freshen up their skills. This is a 1 day 8 hour course that will qualify you for a license waiver and exempt you from the road test at the DMV.  The BRC 2 is similar to the Basic Rider course but speeds are higher and you must use your own motorcycle in the class. There is formal classroom component along with a knowledge and skills test at the end of the course. Please note that basic riding skills are required. Riders must meet minimum controls skills in the first 2 exercises in order to continue. Anyone who at a rider coach's discretion does not meet the minimum skills will be moved into the Basic Rider Course. Tuition paid for the BRC 2 will be applied to the cost of tuition for the Basic Rider course. 


BRC 2 Cost: $200.00



This course requires the completion of the MSF online E-Course prior to the first day of class. The $20.00 fee for the online E-course is in addition to the course fee paid to Ride Alive Motorcycle Academy. This E-course must be completed and a printed copy of the certificate of completion handed in on your first day of class.  Please note that the E-course has a average completion time of about 3 hours. This time can vary based on your device and internet connection speed.  Please note before taking the E-course that the certificate is only valid for 30 days after completion. A link to the MSF e-course will be E-mailed to you upon completion of your registration or click this link to go directly to the page.


REQUIRED GEAR: All riders must provide their OWN MOTORCYCLE and the following gear prior to riding in the course:

A DOT certified helmet, preferably a minimum 3/4 helmet. Full fingered gloves, over the ankle boots, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants and eye protection if you do not have a face shield


REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: All riders must provide the following documents prior to riding in the course:

A valid motorcycle instruction ( LEARNERS ) permit OR a class " M " motorcycle license. Proof of insurance for the motorcycle you are riding in class. If you borrow a motorcycle that is not registered to you to use in class, you must provide again proof of insurance and a letter of permission from the motorcycle's registered owner that permits you to use that motorcycle.



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