Frequently Asked Questions!

What do I need to bring to the class?

A well rested clear mind, a D.O.T. approved helmet, full-fingered gloves, over the ankle footwear with a heel of less than 1 inch, sturdy non-flare pants, long sleeved shirt or jacket, eye protection. Please remember to bring your MSF E-Course certificate if you are in the Basic Rider Course (BRC) or the Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2). If you need to take the E-Course please click here

Do I need my own motorcycle?

No, unless you sign up for the Basic Rider 2 (BRC2) or the Advanced Rider Course (ARC). Motorcycles are provided for you in the Basic Rider Course. However, if you own your own motorcycle and wish to use your own, you may do so after providing proof of insurance.

Do I need my learner's permit before class begins?

No, you do not need your learner's permit to take the Basic Rider Course (BRC), however you DO need your permit for the Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2). You may wish to wait until after you have taken the class. This may make the testing process easier to complete successfully.

Can I use a scooter or trike for motorcycle class?

No, scooters and trikes cannot be in the same class with motorcycles. A separate Scooter class will be available later this season. A 3-wheel BRC class may be available next season.

What about weather?

Riding will continue rain or shine. We do ride in the rain. Range exercises will be suspended only during periods of heavy rains, high winds, snow, or lightening. Rain suits are not provided. Please be prepared with weather proof outerwear, if necessary.

Do I get my license from you?

No. You will receive a waiver from us upon successful completion of the class that exempts you from taking the road test at the DMV. You are still required to take the computer-based learner's permit test at the DMV to complete the licensing process, if you haven't already done so. The Advanced Rider Course DOES NOT get you your license.

What if I need to reschedule?

Rescheduling is allowed only once. Contact us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. If rescheduling less than 14 days from the originally registered class, a $75.00 fee is imposed. This fee must be paid prior to class.

I already know how to ride, can I just take the test?

No. State law requires that the full course must be completed prior to testing, and it's very likely that you may learn something in the process.

Do we get a lunch break?

Lunch breaks are given for classes lasting all day. Lunch is not provided for you. You may bring snacks and beverages. Periodic breaks are given throughout all classes.

What do I need to do to pass this class?

You must attend the entire course and participate. You must come to class with all the required safety gear and have completed the MSF online E-Course. The riding skills evaluation includes: cornering, quick stops, limited space maneuvers, and swerving.

How do we contact you?

You can reach us directly at 414-807-7965 or by E Mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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