Terms, Conditions and Refunds

A safe and comfortable environment is important.  Any unruly, disrespectful, dangerous behavior or disregard of range rules will result in the student being ejected from the course. No full or partial refunds will be given should this occur. We have no way to guarantee your ability to learn or control a motorcycle. Students who do not show minimal proficiency during the course, are a safety concern to themselves or others, at the discretion of the rider coaches, will be counseled out. Students are also under no obligation to continue or complete the course if they so choose. No full or partial refunds will be given should either of these situations occur.

You have  to read a copy of the liability waiver available on this website and understand the contents in it. You acknowledge that you will have to sign this waiver prior to beginning any riding portion of the class. You understand that motorcycle riding and or training can be dangerous and injury or death can result in riding a motorcycle.

Late Arrivals, Improper Riding Equipment and Missed Range Sessions.

Anyone not attending any riding portion of the course that they have already started, may reschedule the missing session(s) AND will incur a $125.00 reschedule fee to be paid at the time the reschedule is made. Arrivals more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, without prior contact will incur a $125.00 reschedule fee. Students arriving without and or having below minimum standards riding equipment will not be allowed to begin or continue the range sessions and incur a $125.00 reschedule fee.

Cancellation Policy.

If you do not show up for your class no full or partial refunds will be given.

If you need to cancel or drop your class, please contact us as soon as possible.

The following fees will be deducted from your initial course fees paid at the time of registration. These fees are calculated from your original course start date or rescheduled date.

15 days or more before your start date: $20.00

10 to 14 days before your start date: $50.00

4 to 9 days before your start date: $125.00

3 days or less before your original or reschedule start date: NO REFUND.

Rescheduling your class.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your class. You must start the course in the same year or season you registered for. You can not transfer or hold over any fees paid for tuition or rescheduling into the following training season or year.  You may reschedule your ORIGINAL class for no charge ONE time if it is 10 days or more before the class start date. If you have already rescheduled your class and need to move the date again or are less than 10 days before your scheduled class date the following fees will be incurred:

4-9 days before your class date $125.00

3 days or less: $175.00

Retaking the skills test or repeating 2nd half of the course.

If you need to retake the skills test you can do so one time, after a 48 hour waiting period per WMSP policy. There is no fee to retake the test.

If you need to repeat the 2nd half of the class there is $125.00 deposit required to reserve a spot for you in another class. When you have completed the retake with no regard to outcome you will be refunded $75.00 of your deposit within 48 hours.

This school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its’ part of the agreement once the course has started. This constitutes the entire agreement between the school and the student and no verbal statement or promises will be recognized.